Recruitment rewards!

Hello everyone!

I’d like to announce a Witchwood recruiting initiative, which could earn you all some fun rewards.

  • If we get 5 new players total in the Fall season, everyone who attended a Fall event will get 2 bonus CP.
  • If we get 10 new players, everyone gets 4 bonus CP.
  • If we get 15 new players, everyone gets 6 bonus CP.

As part of recruiting, we’d like to have some more written materials to get people excited about the game. We would also love to further flesh out the world. Over the coming weeks, staff will be writing and posting some vignettes about happenings in parts of Evren outside Oak Harbor.

Between now and Fall 2, you are invited to submit your own vignettes (about a page long) to witchwoodplotwriters at googlegroups-dot-com to help flesh out the world of Evren.

Every vignette approved by staff will earn its author 1 CP.

  • If we get 5 vignettes written by players, everyone gets a bonus of 10 leaf at check-in at Spring 1.
  • If we get 10 vignettes, everyone gets 20 leaf.
  • If we get 15 vignettes, everyone gets 30 leaf.

If we get 5 vignettes posted before Revels, I will bring my monofin to Revels and offer mermaid swim lessons.

Looking forward to exploring more of Evren with you,

-Beth, Witchwood Game Director


We’re up to 5 new players registered for Fall 1, so the first level of CP rewards for everyone is unlocked!
Please give a warm welcome to our new players, and keep them coming!

Of the 5 vignettes we have so far, a couple were staff written, so we still need more to unlock bonus leaf.
This is your chance to write a piece of the world and make it even more what you’d want to play in!

If I’m not mistaken there were 8 new players at Fall 1 and 8 at Fall 2, right?

Indeed, there were! I am so excited we hit that stretch goal.
Everyone will get their 6 CP in a week or two, after I take a little break. :slight_smile:

Also, I would like to extend the deadline on the vignettes until our Winter Feast (date TBD, but probably in February). So far staff has received 4 vignettes written by players, so we could use some more of those. Write the stories you want to see in the world!


Where can we find more information on what should be included in a vignette?

The requirements are pretty open ended. You can see some examples here:

If you don’t know some details about something you would like to include, just make them up! If anything conflicts with established lore, we’ll tell you what to fix before we post it.

How would we go about submitting them?

Email to witchwoodplotwriters at googlegroups-dot-com

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Hi everyone,

Recruitment bonus CP have been awarded. Everyone who attended either fall event should have received 6 CP. (This is a manual process, so if I made a mistake, please let me know.) I am so very excited we hit that stretch goal. Big thanks to all our new players, our returning players who gave them such a warm welcome, and all our hardworking staff.

Regarding the vignettes, of the 9 posted so far, 5 were written by staff. That means we’ve had 4 written by players. So, we need 1 more written before the Winter Feast (date TBD, probably February) to unlock bonus leaf rewards.