Regarding Shards of Intention

To the People of Oak Harbor,

As mentioned to many of you at the winter celebration, the Gatekeepers of Reverie, Umbra, Void, and Evren are drawing a fragment realm of Possibility and Memory known as the Margins or the Aesthesis toward Oak Harbor.

At the beginning of your next gathering, the intent of contracted beings will solidify into physical form. Contracted beings that come to the Witchwood and to Oak Harbor in particular will be able to obtain a Shard of their own Intention. They will have the opportunity to use this intent in a ritual to direct what will be found in the Margins/Aesthesis.

On the final day of your next gathering, the Gatekeepers will perform a ritual that will temporarily subsume Oak Harbor into the Margins/Aesthesis. (Anyone who travels to Oak Harbor later in the spring will instead end up in the Aesthesis.) During this ritual, contracted beings may direct their Intentions.

Directing the intent will require a ritual object that is tied to the possibility or memory being invoked. This can be something as simple as a handwritten note about your intentions, but the closer it is tied with the concept and the more unique it is, the more concrete the manifestation will be. A story will also need to be written down about the possibility or memory and told at the time of the final ritual. The more Intention attached to one item, the more size-able the resulting manifestation.

Further details will be forthcoming from the Gatekeepers. I will do my best to answer what questions you have. In the meantime, best to begin planning what you want to see…

-The Editor

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(The current implementation of this mechanic is described here:)