RFR Board Election #2

It is that time again.

A seat has opened up on the Red Feather Roleplaying board of directors. The board has again decided to hold a community-wide election to fill this seat, and have asked the board’s Ombudsperson (that’s me!) to serve as Election Commissioner. So here’s a quick outline of how this is going to work.


To be eligible to vote in the upcoming election or to endorse a candidate for nomination (see below), you must have attended at least two (2) of the past four (4) full-weekend Witchwood events held in 2015. This includes both players and staff.


A nominee must fill out the attached form and collect no fewer than five (5) endorsements from eligible community members. The completed form must be received by me no later than 11:59 PM on Tuesday, April 26th 2016. You are allowed and encouraged to nominate yourself; if you are nominating someone else, they have the right to refuse the nomination prior to the start of the polling period. You may endorse more than one candidate for nomination.

Nomination Form


Red Feather Roleplaying is the parent organization that produces Witchwood; it makes administrative decisions regarding budget, campsite rentals, insurance, policy, etc. As a board member of Red Feather Roleplaying you will be required to attend no fewer than two (2) board meetings per year. Meetings last approximately six hours and may be attended remotely via video-conference.

At these meetings it is your duty to civilly discuss the issues on the agenda and to vote in good conscience in what you believe to be the best interests of Red Feather Roleplaying. You may also submit items to be included in the agenda.

In the past, board members have also been primary investors in Witchwood. To be clear: we will NOT be requiring any sort of buy-in or investment from the newly-elected board member. It is our hope that whomever is elected to the vacant seat will be sufficiently invested in the well-being of the community as to make a financial stake unnecessary.


Once all the nominations are in, the election will be held between Thursday, April 28th and Tuesday, June 21st. Ballots will be cast anonymously, in a sealed ballot box, and tabulated once all the votes are in. You may cast your vote in-person, by handing it to me (I will have blank ballots and envelopes available at Spring Two.) Alternatively, there will be a double-envelope procedure for absentee voting, to ensure that all eligible community members have the opportunity for their voices to be heard.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to me, or asked right here in this forum thread. I will try to keep this process as painless as possible.

Is voting plurality, or preferential ballot, or what?

Excellent question. As with the previous election, we will be using an instant-runoff voting scheme, so the ballot will be preferential.

Bumping this. People have 1 day to get nominated!

Members of the Witchwood community, I proudly present to you your candidate for the open seat on the Red Feather Roleplaying board of directors:

Brady Tatro

Player Character: Dyrus Aldenberg

Endorsed by:

  • Laura McKnight
  • Katherine O’Connor
  • Lian Guertin
  • Brian Misamore
  • Adrian Tatro

As you may have gleaned from my utilization of the singular form above, we have only the one nominee this time around. Nice work, @brady !

The board has completed its deliberations. Without further ado:

Congratulations to Brady Tatro, the newest member of the Red Feather Roleplaying board of directors.

For the curious: our existing election policy did not actually cover this eventuality; the board and I never anticipated having only one nominee. The possibility of holding the vote anyway (to ensure that @brady had the support of a majority of the community) was raised, and discussed extensively.

Ultimately we decided not to do that, this time around, in the interest of having a functional 7-person board sooner rather than later. This is a one-off decision, not necessarily a precedent for future elections. The preexisting six members of the board have expressed their intent to formalize a policy for these cases, and it has been added to the agenda of the upcoming summer meeting.

Here endeth my responsibilities as Election Commissioner, at least until such time as another seat opens up.


Congratulations Brady!

And a thank you to Eben for acting as our election commissioner.