Rules Updates (1.5)

#1: We are formally adopting the hand signals into the rulebook. See Thing we're trying out: non-verbal alternatives to 'caution' for a refresher.

#2: The cost of the Weakness spell is reduced to 1 CP.

#3: Weaver is restructured. The bulk of this post describes the changes:


  • Subdue (3*)
  • Silence (1)
  • Dream (2)
  • Sleep (2)

True Weaver

  • Dream Token (2*)
  • Slumber (3*)
  • Mindshield (2)
  • Unsilence (2)

New Call (active magic spell)

  • Mindshield: Resist the next Silence or Sleep. If cast on you as a BGS, it will have some protection from offensive use of Dream. It is active until used. A Mindshield cast during the event expires at the end of the event; a Mindshield cast in BGS expires at the end of the BGS cycle.

New/Changed Skills

  • Dream (2): You will receive staff-directed hints or clues, concerning yourself or people close to you, from the past, present, or future. More uses of this skill may increase the number of hints or their acuity, but they may still be enigmatic.

  • Dream Token (2*): You have a token as a magic focus item. You may choose its form/appearance, subject to staff approval. It must be ornamental (serve no other game purpose), and cannot be clothing.

    • You can cast spells while holding it. It cannot be wielded as a weapon or shield.
    • Share Dream: You can share your dreams with other people:
      • They can see and interpret the dreams.
      • The dreams may be just as connected to them as they are to you. The more people involved, the more contexts the dreams might be affected by.
      • You have no control over the Dream contents, unless you use a skill like Oracle.
    • Oracle: You can specify a topic or topics for your Dream skills — this is a single BGS submission, even with multiple topics.
    • The more Dream you have, the more specific you can get and the more topics you could have. Difficulty scales with the complexity of the topic, the complexity of the answer, and the distance (in space and relationships).
    • Answers may still be enigmatic, and you cannot discover someone’s well-kept secrets.
  • Mindshield (2): You can call “Mindshield” once as a touch spell.

    • You can also do this as a BGS to a willing target — you will start the next event with a Mindshield expended.

Racial Skill Changes

  • Humans have a choice between 1 Sleep, 2 Silences, or 1 Dream. (Dream replaces Prophecy.)

Regular conversions will be a 2-step process:

  1. The database skills will be updated, and you’ll get CP refunds (the refunds, and respending them, will not count against the season cap).

    • You’ll get refunded 1 CP for every purchase of Weakness you have.
    • All purchases of Prophecy and Oracle will be refunded.
    • Any humans with Prophecy as a racial skill will get Dream instead.
    • (It is recommended that you respend your CP as you see fit before the season rollover, which will be 2 weeks after Feast.)
  2. We will handle any more complicated rebuilds.

    • Humans may change their racial skill
    • Weavers (true or non-true) may respend their weaver points

I’ll reply to this thread after step #1 is done for everyone. After that, contact admin-staff for step #2, if so desired.

This has been done. Go do your basic respending where appropriate. The cap rollover will happen on March 5, just under 2 weeks from now.

General reminder for people with the new Dream skill: even if you’re using it in its non-true, staff-directed form, submit a BGS stating how many uses you have. (And subtract however many Dream you are using for Oracle or other advanced weaver stuff powered by it.)

And remember, you may still receive dreams, in some form, even if you don’t have the skill, or are using it all for something else.

The 1.5 rulebook and primer are posted at https://new.witchwoodroleplaying.com/rules.

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