Rumors of Early Spring, 817

  • Local mining is still being disrupted by elementals.
  • Many new soldiers and healers are looking to settle in town.
  • Some Hania were overheard saying that it’s time for Colin to pay his debt.
  • Zeyana is determined to make Shang end up in the graveyard, by any means necessary.
  • People have reported experiencing weird things when they go to Umbra to visit Death.
  • Many people have been dreaming green.
  • A Ternacenti ship encountered a large whirlpool east of Saragosa. It closed before they got near it.
  • Caius has been looking to buy a phoenix egg.
  • Undead have been seen congregating around red gates.
  • Undead have been seen near Oak Harbor.
  • The Romanza have gotten in bed with the White Forest Trading Company…literally.
  • Leopold may be a lumberjack and he’s okay.
  • The anglerfish have been having a really rough night.
  • Omoira will be holding a glitter facepaint party to unite warring factions.
  • Rumors of a black sailed phantom ship are circulating among sailors.
  • A large, mottled egg will lie, hidden.
  • Leopold has become a turtle, carrying an entire general store on his back.
  • One of the auction items at the feast was cursed.
  • A Davenstern will be arriving with a large stock of restorative scrolls, poultices, and elixirs.
  • Some of the Hania still plan to drive out the people of Oak Harbor.
  • Florica really hates plants.
  • Noren is the new leader of the Iron Company.
  • The Aldenbergs promise to always purchase any component, scroll, elixir, etc at set prices.
  • Skirmishes between shades and earth elementals have been observed in areas near Oak Harbor.

Well, it’s that or slapping, so I hope y’all are really enthusiastic about glitter

Noren is terrified to find out what happened during fall 2 and winter feast.

Does anyone know if there’d be money in dealing with the mining issues?

The world will come to know D and all his… what was I saying again… Shinny!!!

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Has anyone managed to find out anything more about this pirate ship? Asking for a friend.

For the Fall 2 session D will be looking to immers himself in all things that are Druid. As such I will be branching out and looking for a cabin of established druids to bunk with. If there are any takers please let me know.

Are you confusing fall and spring again?

Yes I am. I Kent for the next session. So spring 2.