Rumors of Early Spring, 819

Given the amount of gobbledy-gook accumulating in the rumor-monger’s mailbox, please submit all gossip via private courier by the morning of Firsday the 49th of Vigor.

(OOG, due to spam issues with the rumors mailing list, please submit rumors via direct message here on the forums, or email baniszew at gmail. Submissions should be sent in by the morning of Thursday, April 18.)

  • The Hania are happy to keep Oak Harbor around if the settlers take on a few new projects.
  • Someone is making a list of local important fae, for Reasons.
  • Does your adventuring band need to increase its shanergy? Inquire at the forge!
  • Beware. The Auditor is coming.
  • Sadly, some of our contacts say they’ve “realized the error of their gossipy ways.”
  • Asola Hold 'Em is becoming more popular among the dockworkers.
  • Noren has some really far-out vacation plans coming up.
  • People are really hoping to see some angler fish.
  • Many Tattershawl Kith have been buying a lot of gems.
  • Florica is trying to open up trade with more Lothlan. Colin is working on logistics for her.
  • Looking to have a prize-winning cucumber by autumn? See your local herbalist for supplements.
  • A pearl will nestle.
  • Voices in the Witchwood whisper of hot young singles looking to chat about ley lines.
  • Odie sees great business synergy between mercenary contracts and grave-making.
  • Can we talk about the Vigormost?
  • The Aldenbergs are making themselves fancy runic house rings.
  • There has been an increase in shades stalking the woods.
  • Katlynn has a newfound interest in economics.
  • The lost heir to a Felicitoro fortune needs help securing it.
  • Roderago has been studying necromancy with Venia.
  • People are still disappearing. Maybe if someone important disappears…
  • The noises from the woods are just animals, nothing to worry about.
  • Kelurai is still trying to get her siblings to introduce her to a dragon.
  • The gatekeeper of Evren is having a really rough time lately.
  • Druids hate this one weird trick to heal yourself-leave your name by the flagpole to learn more.
  • Alchemists gonna alchemize. Rune mages gonna rune mage. Water-knights gonna water-knight.
  • A Davenstern heir has come of age to collect an inheritance from his parents’ business in Galice. He is in a small village near the Annherfynol Mountains with no money for passage downriver. He will pay 100 Leaf upon receipt of his inheritance to the first person to mail 20 Leaf c/o Anton Leeuwen, Little Fynol, Lazuria.
  • Logging crews are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of trees that have been found rotting in place.
  • Another body was found by scouts in the woods near Oak Harbor
  • Urusig has been sighted around town grinning from ear to ear.
  • Are there fewer tall bards around than there used to be?
  • Strigford is in the market for tiny horses
  • A Velliar scholar is about to publish a definitive paper on the topology of food
  • Want to increase the size of your Umbral devices? Speak to the local Mystics guild