Rumors of Early Spring, 820

  • Refugees flooding out of Salendale are arguing about whether the Velliar or the Sarto started the fighting.
  • Tess has run out of jokes.
  • Alchemists don’t actually use components to make elixirs, they just make elixirs with magic and then eat the components because they’re tasty.
  • As always, the Hounds are heroes and you can trust their moral fiber.
  • There have been more explosions than normal.
  • There have been fewer stitched animals and shackled-together shades wandering the area.
  • Still lots of undead. Always so many undead.
  • Caius, disappointed at the idea of leaving the Ternacenti, has returned to Kresa.
  • A spectral lapdog has been following Odie around and barking at inopportune times.
  • Giant Figment Lizards are cuddly.
  • Green and gold and anything that exudes care and joyfulness will get you far, I hear! After all, the Aldenbergs are doing it.
  • Strange mists and screams still emanate from local farmhouses in the night.
  • People have been seen chatting with spriggans in the woods, and not just the usual people like Zelai. Some of them talked to Dolan later.
  • Florica keeps Strigford’s anglerfish in her skirts.
  • Tess no longer keeps her prized possession in her pocket.
  • Erris, Oyku, and Omoira all had green hands for a few days.
  • So many people seem to be talking about sea monsters lately.
  • Lothlan bands all over the world are gearing up for battle, excited at all the opportunities for glory.
  • Herbert and Bianca would get along well.
  • Lesovik hasn’t been around lately. Word is he went to a family treeunion.
  • Tess is the lost heiress of an enormous fortune.
  • Kael tried to follow Herbert home and hasn’t been seen since.
  • Amos has been trying to track a fried chicken through the woods.
  • If people hate walking up to the forge so much, why don’t they build a second one at the bottom of the hill? It’s not like forgery is a crime.
  • Rock is distressed at being unable to find Chieftainest Chieftain.
  • Refugees are upset that coming to Oak Harbor did not let them escape all the undead and nightmares. They say that imps are a refreshing change, though.
  • People talking to Leopold report hearing their own voices echoing back. Ugh, is that really what I sound like?
  • Florica has been spending so much time buttering up the new Romanza in the area that Strigford is lonely. There’s been a lot of melancholy hooting at night.
  • Refugees flooding in from Aethis report that people are starting to starve there because food can’t get past the lines of nightmares.
  • Timiri is mumbling a lot about how she wishes she paid more attention in runes class growing in.
  • The Romanza seem very impressed indeed with the Aldenbergs.
  • The refugees are confused at what all these Basils are that are wandering around. Also all these talking mice? At least none of them are attacking people.
  • Omoira is trying to flirt with all the new Felicitoro around before Florica can get a chance.
  • Zevvi is not actually an upstanding citizen. It was all an elaborate ruse.
  • Odie has started following a diligent regimen of drinking and punching things.
  • Herbert has been seen around Oak Harbor. Or is that just Strigford?
  • The Hurzicht are just sentient hats.
  • The Velliar and Romanza have entered into a conspiracy to slander the good name of the Sarto.
  • There seem to be fewer Alchemists around than normal.
  • The Velliar have incriminating evidence on the Romanza and Ternacenti which is why the Sarto decided to attack.
  • Pet Rocks are now being sold by traveling merchants after a request from an Oak Harbor citizen.
  • Nobody seems to remember that Asola is between Rensul and Xiem.
  • A large lion has been stalking prey in the woods.

“Strange mists and screams still emanate from local farmhouses in the night.”

Ok, I’m looking into the “still so many undead” issue. Can someone check out the creepy farmhouses? I’ll give you a couple free elixirs if you go check out the creepy farmhouses. Please make them stop screaming.


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