Rumors of Late Fall, 817

Heard anything interesting? The rumor-monger is listening.

(Send rumors to by the morning of 10/5.)

  • Strigford is seeking Omoira’s advice on wedding planning.
  • Colin has a new kitten. He calls it, “the Leopard.”
  • Rumors abound about people, who were nowhere near running out of spirit, taking the bridge to Umbra never to be seen again. Folks say nobody can Speak with Dead to them.
  • Venia will buy your amethysts.
  • Scott got sick from eating some bad mushrooms.
  • Vennick is the new Nyth. Check his underwear for Witchwood leaves.
  • Aldenbergs like gems. This is not really news to anyone.
  • Katlynn has been unusually jumpy lately.
  • Explorers of Firmament say there are far fewer imps and drakes roaming around than there should be.
  • Arthur is writing the Hurzicht to finally get Zelai a spouse.
  • Flocard has been asking a lot of questions about Federigo.
  • Winston’s sons know magic!
  • Nephros is considering trying out a new color of robe. He is seeking advice on what color it should be.
  • Word at the University is, Leopold may not suck after all.
  • Liané has been knitting an absurd number of tea-cozies.
  • Scott has been spending many evenings and mornings near Rosen’s office.
  • A whirlpool opened up north of Salindale near a Sarto merchant flotilla. One ship was lost.
  • Thales has started keeping cold coffee by his bed at night in case of early morning attacks.
  • An Umbral bug will wait in the shadows.
  • Gaius has successfully captured half of a breeding pair of angler fish and is looking for leads on a mate.
  • Florica has been talking about marriage with Odette.
  • The Aldenbergs are really into wood.
  • A portion of the taxes collected by the White Forest Trading Company has been going unaccounted for.
  • Vennick insists that he is well paid for his services.
  • Katlynn has been spending a lot of time alternately reading letters and drinking with a lizard lyra.
  • Gurtoss activity has significantly reduced and nobody has seen a fire-breathing variety in weeks.
  • Tess has taken to poking salamanders with sticks. She has not been burnt, yet.
  • Rosen has been checking his paperwork more frequently than usual. He seems nervous.
  • The Brothers have a secret fortune stashed away somewhere.
  • A man in black with a yellow grindelow embroidered on his shirt has been asking about Velliar experiments.
  • Flocard hasn’t been feeling well lately. He’s been looking a little green and has a frog in his throat.
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