Rumors of Late Fall, 818

  • The Aldenbergs are starting a crabapple pie business.
  • Assassins are tracking one of the WFTC senior partners.
  • Thea seems even more obsessed with death than usual.
  • The strange glowing off the coast continues to come and go.
  • Katlynn is trying to beat Shane to be the Hounds’ next True druid.
  • A cursed crawler will curl up somewhere.
  • The Romanza have sent a fleet of guards from Aethis to deal with the creatures attacking Juldan. The Lothlan band known as the Verdjays are becoming the subject of mockery for not being able to defend the borders on their own.
  • Urusig looks exhausted lately, but happy.
  • Basil took the leftover yarn from the Fiber Arts competition and started trying to spin a web in the grove of trees on the hill.
  • All the new water mages in town have attracted a lot of grindelow.
  • The WFTC workers seem very happy that they haven’t encountered any gurtoss lately.
  • Leopold is studying Lothlan traditions to find out how to earn the title The Leopard.
  • Glyph is surrounded by an aura of rot and decay.
  • There will be a grand spectacle of combat prowess on Elmsday night.
  • Florica is trying to make it fashionable to have ritual chalk dust scuffed all over your clothes.
  • Grindelow sightings are now common around Saragosa. Peleset chicldren are being instructed never to leave their ships alone.
  • Calls of “I’ll be just fine” have been heard coming from the woods.
  • Bianca’s magic throwing fish is the new heir to the Aldenberg family.