Rumors of Late Fall, 821

Have anything true, untrue, or just amusing that you want other people to hear about? Let the rumor-monger know in the next two days!
(Rumors will go up later this week! Email rumors@witchwoodroleplaying.com.)

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  • Now that Raf is engaged, Caius is the most eligible bachelor in Oak Harbor.
  • There are rare fish components that live in acid pits.
  • The Golden acorn is still targeting Zevvi, but their own spirits are weak enough that they’re calling in back-up.
  • Red flames aren’t as hot as orange ones. Blue flames are very hot. So purple flames are the most intense, right?
  • Roderago is actually someone in town from the future. But who?
  • Florica makes “Tea” out of pieces of the letter T shaved thin. It used to live on the house at the top of the hill, which is why it’s called the T House.
  • Now that Raf is engaged, Kael is the most eligible bachelor in Oak Harbor.
  • Did someone teach the anglerfish to moo?
  • Strigford is actually Herbert and has been using Voidmancy to disguise himself the whole time.
  • The Gatekeeper of Reverie is an amalgamation of everyone’s imaginary friends.
  • Now that Raf is engaged, Amos is the most eligible bachelor in Oak Harbor.
  • Is Dolan a secret Peleset? He spends a lot of time at the docks staring wistfully at the ships.
  • The people Kael cares about most and the ones she most wants to kill have surprising overlap.
  • On nights with a full moon, a sea serpent wearing Dame Elenora’s hat swims the waters near the beach behind the tavern. Or maybe it is just a weirdly shaped log?
  • The Alchemy Oath isn’t actually binding, the Alchemists just like the intrigue it creates.
  • Now that Raf is engaged, Signe is the most eligible bachelor in Oak Harbor.
  • With the right ritual, a wizard can attune or bind to chocolate rather than one of the elements.
  • Erris is making sure there will be an acid pit at Omoira and Raf’s wedding.
  • Watch out - if three Witchwood leaves are in the same place at the same time, they explode into a permanent gate to Void.
  • Omoira’s horse is actually a classically trained actor who gave up a life of fame on the big stage for the freedom of the road.
  • Now that Raf is engaged, Shane is, wait, no nevermind.
  • Florica is brooding because of what Strigford did.
  • Word of Emmie’s artistic prowess is spreading and prompting interest from art dealers.
  • All patterns lead to Marsega.
  • How many ghosts is an unlucky number to have at a wedding? Asking for a friend.
  • The consignment guild is planning a heist while the Velliar are distracted.
  • Too many of you believed the other rumors, I tried to warn you that only the rumor that only this rumor was true was true but you didn’t listen and now look where we are. Well this time really only this rumor is true. Don’t believe the other rumors! For real this time, stop. I’m serious there will be consequences. I know what you’re thinking, it’s really not that big a deal they’re just rumors but it’s super, super important that you not believe any of the other rumors this time. Okay?
  • That other rumor is lying. You can believe all of the rumors. Every rumor ever written is absolutely true. It’s super important that you listen to them and act on them. I’m serious, there will be dire consequences if you do not believe any of the other rumors this time. Okay?
  • Herbert isn’t actually the Gatekeeper of Void, he’s just an Intern.
  • That rumor’s a lie, you know the one.
  • Mugs by Omoira is a front. The REAL business is Rugs by Omoira, a carpet rental service
  • Strigford is a buzzkill who just wants to keep all the cool floating animals to himself.
  • The Hurzicht don’t have any secrets. They just really like hats.
  • Components have been showing up in much smaller quantities than expected. The Alchemists are probably getting to all of them first.
  • There have been glimpses of someone with a Silver Skull on the outskirts of town.
  • Rosen is the new owner of the Raven’s Wing tavern. He shall make masterful meals with his magical meat tenderizer.
  • Mugs by Omoira is a front. The REAL business is Slugs by Omoira, a bespoke punching service
  • Alchemy Secret: Lesovik really likes trees
  • Herbert really loves it when you call him by that name
  • Roderago knows so much that he is literally unable to stop talking about it.
  • Herbert seems particularly interested in hats for some reason
  • Zelai was seen smiling the other day. Some people claimed there was a chuckle or guffaw as well.
  • The Davenstern are very prolific writers.
  • Spira has been smithing lots of tiny wheelbarrows.
  • Wilbur has a scam to make money by pretending to be Amos and collecting gate fees.
  • Elixirs only work if you believe in them, like, really hard
  • The Romanza are happy at how quickly Juldan is growing, but they’re starting to worry they won’t be able to feed everyone…
  • Oyku is chasing dapper skeletons who raided the spare-hat-trunk.
  • The Militia hazes new members by cursing them
  • Why was Strigford so eager to help with the Nonsense Mouse Problem? Probably so he can eat one.
  • Mugs by Omoira is a front. The REAL business is Bugs by Omoira, a component trading service
  • Alchemy Secret: Caius hides his components in his beard
  • Kobolds are giving lessons on how to hop
  • Herbert is really excited about the idea of vacationing in Oak Harbor
  • Nephros is emerging from the Aesthesis dazed and confused. His cloak is not.
  • Mugs by Omoira is a front. The REAL business is Snugs by Omoira, a matchmaking service

okay this is actually a brilliant play on words and my commendation to whomever crafted it.


So many rumors about, “now that Raf is engaged”. Zero rumors about, “now that Omoira is engaged”. Conclusion: these rumors are sexist.

That rumor wouldn’t make sense about Omoira. Omoira is Felicitoro. Being engaged does not alter her marriageable status, unless it was specified as part of her marriage contract.

They were all focusing on Omoira’s business acumen!

Though, now the real question is: was it just because nobody considered Omoira eligible before this, either? :thinking:

  • The Davenstern are very prolific writers.

I am shocked, shocked!, to hear that there is gambling in this establishment.