Safety Notes for Spring 1, 2019

Safety Notes for this weekend:

It will be both close to freezing and raining for the bulk of the weekend. Dress appropriately for the weather.

We should have clear skies on Saturday, so in-spite of the weather we will have direct sunlight, bring sunscreen if appropriate.

Temperatures are forecasted to a low of 33 degrees on saturday, so make sure you have a warm sleeping bag. If you forgot one, TELL US. We have spare emergency blankets.

IF YOU ARE USING A SPACE HEATER, make sure that there is at least 36 inches of clearance from any flammable from the front of the heater, and 18 inches from the sides and back. Keep the heater away from any wet areas, on the ground in a level location. The heater must be turned off anytime your cabin is empty. DO NOT FIGHT AROUND THE SPACE HEATER.