Safety Notes for Spring 2

Safety Notes for this weekend:

Temperatures should range between 50-80 degrees. The temperatures should be relatively comfortable but please make sure to have a sleeping bag or other means to stay warm overnight. Additionally humidity will be roughly 39%, so expect things to feel warmer than they are.

Partly cloudy to clear skies throughout the weekend so make sure to have sunscreen available.

We’ll be in the height of tick season so absolutely engage in regular tick checks.

A lot of the trenches have been filled in, and roads should be dry enough to drive on this session. Caution is still advised in the areas of the camp that are particularly bad. If you’re unfamiliar with those areas, please check in with someone before driving up the hill.

A reminder if game is suspended for safety reasons while a staff member is present, that staff member should be the person to resume game play, only after they understand why play was suspended, and are confident play can be resumed safely.