Salendale Wargame

As you may or may not have heard, there is a war on in Salendale that is going to be resolved this weekend. This is a large scale conflict beyond what we can represent with just the camp and as such, we have designed a Wargame to model the conflict. The rules, along with the map, are available here.

Note that this is not something that everyone needs to directly interface with. We will have a large map set up in the Tavern and people are welcome to discuss strategy but there are a limited number of people who can directly take actions in the game. That being said, there are actions that you will be able to take during the event that will impact the wargame.

If you have any questions about this, you can ask them here or PM me. If any changes are made to the rules, I will keep track of them and make a note as a reply to this post.

Do we have an estimate for number of rounds, and do we have any idea of which areas start under whose control?

More technical question: It looks like if you have troops/supplies in the general pool, you can deploy them anywhere in the network you control that has a resupply area in it. If after resolution, their locations are still in network, do the deployed troops stay at that location, or do they just go back into the general pool?

The plan is one round every two hours on Saturday and approximately 8 rounds total.

The Sarto control everything at the start of the event. Actions can be taken in game that will allow the Coalition to capture a and b plus r and s.

They go back to the general pool.

The G to I path was missing a capacity entry in the table. It has been set to 40.