Sausage and a fire

Greetings Citizens of Oak Harbor,

I want to come and do something fun for a change from dealing with the events of Salendale. As such, I have procured a significant amount of sausage from Docent Delwin, a Velliar chef well known for his sausages. Around midnight the second day of the gathering, I invite you to join me around a fire at the forge circle where I will prepare the sausage, and other foods for those who don’t want sausage for whatever reason.

–Warden Thon

(Clarify: I have a ton of sausage leftover from various things that had way too much food, or were cancelled. As such I want to hang out and cook it over a campfire with y’all Saturday night. I’ll be grabbing something to have as a vegetarian/alternate option as well. There are zero ulterior motives for this plot, please, enjoy a fire and late night food. I’m giving a heads up primarily so folks don’t just go to bed at midnight and miss it.)


Oh, the list of flavors that were provided by Docent Delwin is as follows:
5 spice
Chicken garlic & provelone
Steak, pepper, onion, and cheese