Scavenger Hunt Picture Gallery

The location is one of the forks in the path to the Southeast of Metfern cemetery in Beaver Brook North Reservation.

https://goo.gl/maps/yBSweAkJ8WusPAjY7, or GPS coordinates 42.39896, -71.20557.

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[Edit: removing a spider photo, just in case, but there was another tiny, tiny weaver next to the river, too.]

A rune mage puts a sealed letter in a mailbox.

An Alchemist shows off their vegetable chopping skills.

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A Mystic puts a sealed letter in a mailbox.

A Human shows off a great feat of strength.

(To be clear, before I started cutting this down it was a thorn bush that was taller than a 2 story house and about 20 feet across.)

A Druid climbs a tree.

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A Galatura looks through a spyglass or telescope.

Hopefully close enough.

A Hurzicht burns the same paper in a campfire.

Those pictures look so awesome!

llooking awesome my friend!