Seeking Help in Salendale

Oak Harbour,

I am in need to two pieces of help this coming gathering in Salendale.

The first: I have been attempting for some years now to figure out the source of a strange mist that has risen over the rivers leading into Lenmeri, just southeast of the town we now go to save. It comes across travelers quickly, then suffocates them. It has disrupted trade and will impede the restoration of this continent, even after we are victorious at its larger neighbor. The source, it appears, is an area of Firmament of corrupted fire, in which something has gone wrong (and voidic), causing the fire to appear mixed with water (the strange killing mist) and to seep into Evren (at Lenmeri). If my calculations are correct, and if I’ve corrected for opening the gate in Salendale instead of Oak Harbour correctly, I may be able to take a team into the corrupted place in Firmament to destroy or correct whatever is causing this terrible affliction to the poor people of Lenmeri. Anyone interested in being a part of that team is welcomed. Expect fire (or water? or both? ) magics, though also expect that I will pay you what I can (Caius is not making the trip, which will crimp my available funds a bit).

The second: I still need Miststars for leyline research. If you come across a Miststar, or have the means of producing any during the gather (looking at you, Zelai), I will pay well for them. I need three fresh Miststars to build each of two devices that will help me track leyline energies, and this is vital for my research.

Thank you for all of your help,
Leopold Aldenberg
Docent (WM) of the Imperfect Arts

The MAD Lads will likely be available, especially if we’re getting paid.