Sending Letters


I had a question about using the WFTC’s courier/ mail service.

Is the letter delivered to the recipient between the events, or does the recipient receive the letter at check in?

Generally at check-in. If you are sending mail to an NPC, if they reply, sometimes you’ll receive the letter at check-in and sometimes it will come in during game.

Ok, If we want to send a letter to another PC is that something we can do between events? Or is that generally frowned upon?

If you want to send a letter to another PC, you can just send it via the Forums, or email / facebook / snail mail / your choice. You can send as many of these as you like.

If you would like the letter printed on parchment and handed out by the Daventern mail carrier at the beginning of next event, then submit it as a bgs and it will count against your WFTC-provided letter fees.

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