Some Clarifications on BGS

Hi, Chris here with some BGS questions.
First: Is it appropriate to make use of skills in a BGS which you did not have in-game at that event, but purchased after the event with xp earned from the event? I just realized I have no idea when I should make my purchases and when they would count.
Second: Could I for instance, increase my gardening to preserve more of the things that I found during an event, or would increasing gardening only allow me to preserve more things next event? I have up to now been playing it that I buy the gardening ahead of the event, for clarity’s sake.
Third: For skills like “Extraction Expertise”, can those be refreshed overnight? I don’t recall a reason why they shouldn’t be but I wasn’t sure.
Fourth: I’ve heard different things from different people. Do venom vials expire between events?

  1. Yes, you may use in BGS any skills you have purchased by the BGS deadline.
  2. You could increase your gardening to preserve more of the things you found during an event.
  3. Generally, the things that can’t be refreshed are BGS skills and skills that produce items (e.g. spirit shard, income, venom). So Gardening Expertise and Crafting Expertise couldn’t be refreshed, but Extraction Expertise could.
  4. Unopened venom vials do not expire. (Spirit shards expire.)
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Thanks! That is very interesting and opens up a lot of goofy things for me to do this cycle that I didn’t know I could do.

Did we ever get an answer about refreshing racial skills overnight?

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I don’t see any reason they would not refresh. I’d similarly expect them to be refreshable with a “refresh 4 CP” rune scroll.

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Oh it turned into a whole debate at the table Saturday evening!

The question comes down to “did you put quintessence in it” (presumably as an infant) or “did you not” (like a magic item).

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I missed a theory debate? I clearly was in the wrong tavern…

So the confounding example you missed in the magic item debate is - is the ability granted as natural? If the magic item gave you a “natural sleep” it would be refreshable. But most magic items give you just a use of the skill. Similarly, racial skills give you a natural use of the skill – and so things like “refresh” and skills that double your number of natural uses of the ability (Slumber, Weapon Finesse, some advanced paths) would affect the racial, but not a magic item.

So its not a matter of if you put quintessence in to it (and if you created the magic item yourself, you probably did), but rather if the ability granted is “natural” or not.

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