Spring 1 2016 Quotes?

Who has good quotes from Spring 1?

I’ll start off with: “Do any of you have any oyster shells? I could bring a date to the party.” - Dyrus and Azra hitting on the Floodwater mercenaries while simultaneously fighting about the docks.

“I heard Lavinia broke vigor.” Team Aldenberg after the vigor golem mod

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to Stonedapple, wearing lipstick and striking a pose: “it’s too bad you’re not a human, cuz that look could slay”

Our plans with Leshovik to sell syrup from “a special tree, deep within the witchwood” to gullible rich people in Kresa

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"Colin just solved a dispute without using violence"
Aislin: “check to make sure he’s not Resonance”


Corcus (SP?) - “… And one of them came back dead”

Me- “Yeah, that was me”

Corcus - “That’s unfortunate” “Poison”

Quercus. And that was fun. :slight_smile:

Henceforth, Javaros shall be known as “Javaros, Hot-Pants, The Red”

The whole fae party was just amazing. Doing jager bombs with grindilow. The peeps on strings, stoned apple being so drunk to become smashed apple.

“He came to the alchemy shop, but no one wanted to kill children. So we sent him to you.”

“Yeah, I took that job.”

“Gwarp!” -Grindilow at the party, conveying cheerful hospitality, expressed beautifully.

“I think Dyrus should have studied the mating dance more carefully.”- Many people and many variations, observing Dyrus’s flirtation with the Phoenix

“OWW, I’m not that resistant to fire yet!”- Dyrus, after a flame strike from the Phoenix.

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While drinking at the Fae party: “What are we gonna call this new drink?” A few in unison, “Uuuuuuggggghhhhh!”

I christened those Faeger bombs after the fact

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