Spring 1, 2018 Donations

Want to earn a few last-minute CP before the BGS deadline?
We could use some donations.
(1 CP per $25, email me receipts to be awarded your CP.)

  1. [Claimed] Red glow-sticks (1 pack0: https://smile.amazon.com/Glow-Wholesale-Industrial-Sticks-Us/dp/B01N27J8YE
  2. [Claimed] Green glow-sticks (1 pack): https://smile.amazon.com/Glow-Wholesale-Industrial-Sticks-Us/dp/B01N27J7F7
  3. Some AAA batteries (1 pack): https://smile.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Performance-Alkaline-Batteries-Count/dp/B00LH3DMUO/
  4. [Claimed] A few rolls of duct tape: https://smile.amazon.com/Tape-King-Professional-3-Pack-Silver/dp/B078X3F29Q
  5. [Claimed] A few rolls of masking tape: https://smile.amazon.com/Scotch-Office-Masking-3436-3-4-inch/dp/B00347A8E4/
  6. [Claimed] Zip ties (1 pack): https://smile.amazon.com/Nylon-Cable-Adjustable-Durable-Locking/dp/B07842DCBX
  7. [Claimed] T-50 staple-gun staples (1 pack): https://smile.amazon.com/Surebonder-55999-4-Inch-16-Inch-Variety/dp/B0074K99QK
  8. [Ordered] 5x dryer hoses: https://www.amazon.com/Deflecto-Metallic-Flexible-Silver-F0420B/dp/B0043I7UFI
  9. [Claimed] Make-up sponges (2 packs): https://smile.amazon.com/FantaSea-Latex-Free-Wedges-100-count/dp/B0035LCSCO/
  10. [Ordered] Make-up wipes or baby wipes: https://smile.amazon.com/Amazon-Elements-Wipes-Unscented-Resealable/dp/B00M4M2ZSC
  11. [Claimed] A spool of black elastic: https://smile.amazon.com/Top-Hunter-40-Yards-approx-Braided/dp/B073YRXVX6
  12. 2x mummy masks: https://jet.com/product/Mummy-Latex-Half-Mask/e4b6590bf3e14d11b96c3bdda087fcf3
  13. A volunteer to mend a tote full of costumes with small holes chewed by mice. (Costumes have been laundered. Tote is presently in North Cambridge.)
  14. A volunteer to paint some latex prosthetics. (Not urgent. Prothestics presently in North Cambridge)
  15. Replacement gravestones for the lost gravestone props. (Two pieces of wood painted grey, marked with appropriate names.)

Going to grab the duct tape (4) and glow sticks (1 & 2).

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Somehow I missed this when it was first posted. When do you need the costumes mended by? I don’t think I could do it before Spring I but if it can wait until Spring II I’d be happy to take on the task.

It would be best to have them for Spring 1, but if no one can do that, Spring 2 works.

Added two items to the list.

Well, if you don’t get any volunteers to mend the costumes for Spring 1, put me down for Spring 2, please.

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I would love to help out. How can I make sure that this is sent to the Witchwood staff?

You can either bring donations with you to game, or mail to me or Ken.
(I can direct-message you with my address.)

If you plan on donating anything, please let me know by the end of the day Monday, so I can order remaining things we need on Tuesday.

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If no one has signed up to do the mending, yet, please bring it to Spring I. I’ll take it home and have it back to you for Spring II.

Will do!

I got 5, 6, 7, 9, 11.

Note that the link for 10 is for amazon pantry, which is not what I think you want.

And link updated for 10.