Spring 1 2023 Favorite Moments and Quotes

What are your favorite moments from the event?

I’ll start:
As 3, talking to the Town Council, I see Rosen look past me and shake his head. I don’t have time to turn around before I feel a bop and hear “subdue”. I knew SOMETHING was coming, but that caught me completely off guard XD


Lyki: I’m gonna give them the ole ‘hey, how are you?’

exits the tavern

Lyki, somewhere in the distance: Hey, how are you? stabbing sounds ensue


screams come from the mod hall
Vai: Roderago! Did they call for a mystic??
Roderago, yelling back: they called for me!
Vai: that’s probably for the best…but they could’ve been asking for me too!!


So there is more to that story. Rosen was taken a group out to the woods to do a thing. I asked if they had a mystic, and he said something that was approximately “No, we’ll be fine.” I told him to yell for me if they needed someone sharded. And it turns out they did. So he ran back from the archery range faster than the eidolons could get back, with enough time that I had time to hear him calling for me from the firepit and make it to the gate just in time to shard-eidolon the first eidolon after she knocked on the door but before she was told to enter. A few seconds slower and it’d have been to late.


Hearing Leopold and Lee recite the names of classic works and how they were all way saucier than anyone expected was top notch humor.


The Velliar Guardians thinking that Kael had hidden herself under a tapestry to evade them was a peak moment. Four well-armed Guardians arrived at the Alchemy Shop (I had disappeared into the woods), stepped in, looked around, and then saw my very fluffy sleeping bag that I’d hidden under a tapestry so it wouldn’t break immersion. They paused, then: “…We have to check.”

Please, town, let’s make hiding from people by just lying under a tapestry an Oak Harbor thing.


Also, as usual, the Fear Labyrinth was great. Loved the cookies and fire snake and the air of menace that vanished as soon as anyone said anything.

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