Spring 1, 2024, Favorite Moments

I don’t find this hysterical.

I’m not sure I have the right words to describe the feeling but funny/hysterical isn’t it.

I set the mod up with Beth and put that leaf down in plain sight among a bunch of RL leaves, in a dark room.

The stakes are pretty low as a crunchie in that mod, when the stakes and anticipation is really high for the players.

I laughed nervously saying “they straddled the thing!” But that was exasperated nervous laughter…coming from someone who was a PC master Alchemist. Primus are the end-game prize…so they will never be on a silver platter.

All things considered that was a low-casualty mod, so the players did really well.

I guess my point is…I get you find this funny…but it can be a really crushing defeat to know you missed something in plain sight…for…not the first time.

I have deep empathy for anyone trying to search for a dark leaf among dark leaves strewn about the floor, among a bunch of dinosaurs and undead trying to eat you.


I was out as Conundrum, realizing I should have done this as a lunchtime mod…but was just out to RP and show a little more of what Conundrum is “about.”

I came out with “Guard #1” and challenged people to get by the guard through non-violent means. The plot was “Conundrum’s community charisma check.” Was happy to be able to include at least one player who I also knew was non-combat this event.

It was a plot that only touched a few people, but I did see 7 different examples of ways to get by a guard without using force.

That was pretty cool.


Got another one:
Cosette: “Can I ask why it is you can’t have a business license?”
Dolan: “You can ask, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna tell you but I won’t stop you from asking!”

We laughed about this like 3 times while we were packing up the tent


Wow I can hear that in Vennic’s voice.

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I did enjoy telling people before that mod, “Remember, if you go beyond the first room and something bad happens, it’s Snaer’s fault, not mine,” and then just watching the pack of people coming on the mod grow.


Standing outside the Reverie gate during the Figment Lizard excursion in case anyone dies. Can’t see anything but I can hear everything.
Kellis: There’s a lava pit here. I kinda wanna jump it…
Yorick: Don’t jump it.
Kellis: But I think I can make it.
Yorick: If you don’t you’ll die.
Kellis: I think I can make it. I’m gonna jump it.
Yorick: Don’t.
Moments later, Kellis walks out as an eidolon.


The lesson to learn fire resistance requires real commitment

Making people laugh<3

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