Spring 1, 2024, Favorite Moments

What are some of y’all’s favorite moments from this past game?

I think my favorite moment was going out as the Great Wolf Spirit Saturday evening. It was fun sitting on a bench, just watching and listening to the Town for a while. It was also amusing how little folks reacted to my presence, while I was standing around watching the mod play out. Also, a fun excuse to talk to players!

And, of course, I always love the various reactions to Steal the kobold wandering in and out of Town.

I’m sure there’s more, but, I need a nap…


I will post more tomorrow, but it was absolute hysterical to watch 3 different people walk right over the witchwood leaf as a dinosaur. I’m pretty sure Kael stood on it for a good few minutes too.


me, looking out the window at the bee plot: Oh! You need to see these bees! There’s so cute! (Jenna had this really really cute stuffed bee hanging around her neck)

someone: there’s bees in the tavern too!

I glance back, see that it’s the normal tiny bees on netting: yeah, but the one outside is really cute!

bee in the tavern: CLARIFY I’M ADORABLE

I notice that these bees also have a cute stuffed bee hanging from their neck.

haha I’ve never offended a bee before


Me: So the question I had to consider was ‘What caused the recent change over in the Gatekeeper of Everen’. I can answer that pretty easily. It was a gang of drunk hooligan arsonist murderers disguised as a town.

Erris: Point of argument we were not drunk at the time

Vai: Some of us were

Me: As for why our current gatekeeper is a wannabe cult leader, this town does not have a history of making good decisions. I yield my time.


This is gonna be the stupidest favorite moment but I was talking to Moloko and someone said something absolutely stunningly hilarious behind us and I have no memory of what it was but it was fantastic


Yeah, this is something that is extremely frustrating and not hysterical from a character (and occasionally player) point of view. But I’ve mostly made my peace with it. Small black leaf in a dark room full of black tarps and other random leaves. You just do the best you can with it.


Loved reposing while the anglerfish swarmed around me, and hearing Grandfather Root’s whispery voice commenting on how fast they are as he walked by with his cane. Something about his voice and movements were so atmospheric! Kudos.


Sunday 30 second countdown to Dispel Magic while on my last repose, with my weapons down at my feet, surrounded by monsters… that was the fun sort of stress. “30… 29… dammit, how did I run out of reposes. 25 seconds until I need a plan. Weapons are by my feet, those are gone to me. Hm. 20 seconds until I’d better have a plan. 3 spell packets… I have a Fumble left? Does this thing even take Fumbles? Does it need a weapon to Dispel? And I have a repel and a sleep left, maybe those are helpful. 10 seconds until you’d better have a plan, Kael. What about that thing with blades menacing you on the left. Can you run past that? 5… 4… 3… let’s do it on 1…”


This was my second event and it was an absolute delight. It felt just packed with good stuff.

Crashing the Mystics’ Guild meeting on Saturday led to some great RP with Roderago, Yorick, and Sigurd. It lead to a lot of pretty awesome RP and has done a lot to give direction for the character.

The Evresh Spellsinging with Lee and others. The songs were amazing and it was just a vibe. It was crashed by an Angler Fish and Vennic’s deep annoyance when I said “Maybe now is a bad time to tell you I’m at one vit.” Vennic: “You’ve been sitting here this WHOLE time with druids and said nothing?!”

Getting to RP the curse from last event and being absolutely reckless and then hearing the giggle from Spencer as I described my death.

Militia with Elissar and all the new/er players! We fought together a lot, in particular at the excavation site. A mini meat grinder where we worked the line and tactics.

Thank you all, especially staff and new players, for an amazing event.


I’m pretty sure ‘oh it’s the easiest primus to find’ has cursed the town to never find one.

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Before game.
Mel: It’s nice to meet you.
Me: Same but don’t I already know you? You look so familiar.
Mel: I’m on the Discord a lot. Mel.
Me: Melissa
Mel: winces I really prefer Mel
Me: Don’t- (about to say “don’t tell me what my name is,” when I abruptly catch on to the misunderstanding we’ve both made) Nononono. That’s me. I’m Melissa.
Mel: OH!

Heckling a reposed new player about their commitment to staying reposed, and then continuing longer than I originally planned to when I see they’re trying not to start laughing.


As a group disperses
“Thanks, Zevvi.”
Uncomfortable “Don’t-”
“Thanks Zevvi.”
“I didn’t-”
“Yeah, thanks.”
“This is-”
“Thank you.”
“Ok, YOU can thank me. I gave you a lesson.”
“Also you are beautiful and skilled and a goddess.”
“… you may continue.”

“I’M AN ANGLERFISH!” - an anglerfish

Long and concerned conversations with Florica conducted entirely by eye contact and subtle expression shift, during the Mycordia mod.


Florica is very good with the nonverbal communication. You can tell when someone had said or done something vexing from across the room as she moves from RBF to very cross.

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I had a great time with the mistwolf stuff. The amount of Concern directed at Enki was great. also not gonna lie getting to try and murder my friends in character was very fun.

i was given a secret bgs which i was told not to look at until i saw a figment lizard, so naturally i decided to go on the figment lizard hunting mod. Turns out that was the trigger condition for enki going full mistwolf and i was given discretion when to do so after that point.

attacking mar, velikah, malori, and faelan only for durand to come to their rescue and just casually sleep/subdue me.

had a couple cool/funny moments with erris and yorick during the final mistwolves mod. erris yanked an unconscious mistwolf enki away from the fight and asked if they recognized me only to find out that i still had all my stuff on me in character because nobody bothered to disarm me when they had me down earlier
erris then proceeded to sit me right next to yorick and also not disarm me which led to several points of mistwolf enki waking up and then immediately attacking yorick.

post mistwolf enki having a lot of really good emotional roleplay with various people. especially yorick, vaiatea, and malori.

especially when enki was talking to vaiatea about trying to figure out who they are as a person now that their lyra affinity has been destabilized
Vaiatea “are all lyra with fucky affinities this philisophical?”
enki: “i dont know, you could ask Kael, i suppose”
Vaiatea calls Kael over and asks
Kael takes a moment to think, then responds: “no”

also, the coversation between Yorick, Leshovik, Roderago, Ezra, and Enki that started with a completely normal topic and devolved into “Yorick is a milk enthusiast”. also asking Ezra if fire wombats are edible (Enki) or milkable (yorick).


Nem: Well I asked if the skeleton leaving was a problem

Me: I’m sorry I didn’t see it I was trying to make sure I was not going to be attacked

Nem: It stood in front of you for like a minute

Y’all I did not have a weapon, and was busy trying to make sure the components for the ritual were at hand when we got Varg and also trying not to get mauled by Enki. I was not paying attention to anything but the components and the unconscious mistwolf literally a foot away from me.


I had a good time being chased as that skeleton.


Re: the skeleton leaving with some of Coyote’s power -
Turns out, it’s really hard to be loud AND clear in the Great Wolf Spirit mask, as I discovered while repeatedly saying “That undead IS a problem!” Took a few tries before I found a volume I could be heard at XD


During the witchwood leaf mod grabbing a new player who was unconscious and poisoned and trying to get them out only to catch a slay right before the gate and momentum carrying my unconscious body through the gate. Honestly surprised I didn’t bust up my hands or knees more.


“I can neither confirm nor deny that there are baby toes in the alchemy.”


Another highlight for me was Cosette realizing that Amos did not in fact invent the gate fees, which she has apparently been under the impression was the case the whole time


More of a situation. There was an alcohol called “Docent’s Delight” that made you feel the need to expound about fundamental nature of the world and ask questions about it. To help with the roleplay, they included several suggested topics.

This was my first event as a Docent and I’d had conversations about almost every topic listed on the tag earlier in the game without needing the alcohol…

Also when I drank it, Leopold couldn’t tell the difference and thought I was just being a little extra.