Spring 2 2017 Highlights

First, I want to thank everyone for making me feel welcome, IG and OOG, at my first Witchwood event. So many of you went out of your way to help out all of the new players. It seemed that every time I looked around, I saw a new player being given a lesson or being helped by an established player. It’s great to see that kind of community.

What were your favorite moments/quotes/happenings from this event?

A couple of mine:

The look on Colin’s face when I told him who I was.

Everyone I spoke to about Colin used either “scary” or “terrifying” to describe him except one person who called him “annoying”.


As a Caster with a sword, I tend to stick to the front of a battle but behind the shields - 100% my favorite part of each battle was watching Everett and Flocard sneak behind enemy lines and subdue EVERYONE. Combat subdues FTW.


So I walk out of the University and get rolled over by the creature swinging silence with every hit. I go over to Maline who is down on the ground, drag them back in to the University, tend them awake, hand them an unsilence scroll to read. Turns out they are silenced too. Rosin comes in. I hand him an unsilence scroll and he asks if I want unsilenced. I then have to pantomine for him to unsilence Maline. Rosin’s like “Are you sure?” He does it, Maline then unsilences me now that they can talk.

Next time maybe I’ll remember to check if the person I’m handing a scroll to can speak. :slight_smile:

Mantle of the Student rushes past the Mantle of the Editor in the tavern.
Editor tosses an offhanded Death
Dyrus “woah, woah” spinning around to see who threw it.


So Saturdays night around campfire, end up trying to explain my background with Narissa to some of the newer people to town. Prior to this there had been a comment on lights coming up the hill and I remember someone saying either would notice if it was Narissa or that it was not Narissa. Queue part way through talking about Narissa her being right behind me. Rest of night involved checking area anytime was about to say something and several drinks from teahouse. Kudos to Beth, you could not have timed that more perfectly.


Gakarok (sp?) "May I have a component pouch? I don’t want you to die… *lazily throws a single sleep that misses, goes back to snarking about the patheticness of mortals.

Then offers vague benefits in exchange for future favors that he refuses to quantify.

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I’m pretty sure it was Vincenzo coming out of his cabin, about 20% of the way into the Antithesis fight. He looks up, see’s me staring right at him. I point, say … “run”… and he’s off like a shot. Thanks for being a sport about that, highlight of the fight for me.

Also, Haley, I’m going to start saying “Reduce” out loud, instead of just saying “Ow”.


Saturday night in the teahouse, someone asks D (who is sitting by the door) what he’s doing.
D responds, "Waiting for the next thing."
Rosen walks in the front door, overhears and says, "I’m the next thing."
D jokingly taps him with his weapon.
Rosen collapses on the floor, unconscious.
Cue D making one of the best, “Oh shit” faces I’ve ever seen.


that was like half being a sport and half legitimate terror…

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Oh, also.
"Ohh, are you selling those frozen potions?"
Everyone goes up and buys one.
One of The Brothers, "Isn’t anyone going to find out what they do before eating them?"
Most people shake their heads and a couple people mutter something about it being hot.