Spring 2, 2018 Donations

Here’s our Spring 2 donation list so far.
You can either bring things to game, or contact me about a mailing address.

  1. [ordered] A pack of white glow sticks: https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Lumistick-Light-Sticks-White/dp/B001GREYZ8/
  2. [CLAIMED] Some AAA batteries (1 pack): https://smile.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Performance-Alkaline-Batteries-Count/dp/B00LH3DMUO/
  3. [CLAIMED] A pack of A23 batteries: https://www.amazon.com/Energizer-GP23AE-23GA-Alkaline-Batteries/dp/B014G8J12Y/
  4. [CLAIMED] 2x horrible pig masks: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0761QZP4F/
  5. [ordered] 1 of this rug: https://www.amazon.com/DII-Contemporary-Reversible-Washable-Bathroom/dp/B00JRQM7TK
  6. 2x mummy masks: https://jet.com/product/Mummy-Latex-Half-Mask/e4b6590bf3e14d11b96c3bdda087fcf3
  7. [ordered] 2 to 4 wooden propeller toys: https://www.amazon.com/Channel-Craft-Skytops-Wooden-Toy/dp/B000BXFM0Y
  8. [CLAIMED] 2 to 6 black eyeliner pencils
  9. [CLAIMED] A volunteer for a simple sewing project
  10. [N/A] Replacement gravestones for the lost gravestone props. (Two pieces of wood painted grey, marked with appropriate names.)
  11. A volunteer to paint some latex prosthetics. (Not urgent. Prosthestics presently in North Cambridge)

Hold off on #10 for a couple days, I think the camp director has them.

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I can grab 6 eyeliner pencils easily. I’ll see if I can find a sharpener too.

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I can handle both types of batteries.

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Yep, #10 is handled. Camp director has the gravestones and will put them in the Alumni center for our next event.


Excellent! Margery and Ayden thank you!

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If you would like to donate anything, please speak up before the end of the weekend. After that I will just order things.