Spring 2, 2020 Cancellation

With sadness, I must announce that Witchwood’s Spring 2 event is cancelled.

Maintaining distance and reducing the spread of COVID-19 remains important for the safety of everyone both inside and outside our community.

We were thrilled at the amount of participation in the online Spring 1 event, and we’re grateful to know that an online format can be made to work if necessary.

That said, we don’t plan to do the same for Spring 2.

We would still love for our next event to be an exciting in-person game in the Aesthesis/Margins. We now expect that to happen at our Fall 1 event.

Over the Spring 2 weekend, we expect to have some sort of shorter online community activity, exact details TBD.

We will not be processing Between Game Skills for Spring 2.

As before, you have 3 choices for what to do with your registration fee.

  1. Request a refund
  2. Apply the fee to a future event
  3. Donate your fee for 3 CP.

Please send you choice to admin-staff at witchwoodroleplaying dot com.
If we don’t hear from you before the date of the event, we’ll default to option 3.

Remember to write your Spring 1 PELs within the next week to receive a CP!

We’ll be emailing out results from the virtual component hunt after I sort out a few more people’s entries.
Components virtually collected may be used for BGS for our next game, or may be collected at game on as components to use at that game. Spring 1 Scavenge will also be awarded virtually.

Although we won’t be running an official full Spring 2 event, the Discord server from Spring 1 remains available for any time people would like to chat in or out of game.

Stay safe!
-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director