Spring 2, 2024 Donations list

I’ll award the remaining Spring 1 donation CP as soon as I can, and I’m sure we’ll add to this list later, but I wanted to get a donation list up as soon as possible before the BGS deadline.

As usual, 1 CP per $25 of stuff donated and 1 CP per hour of crafting time.

  1. [CLAIMED] A white rope light and a blue rope light: LED Rope Lighting - 18' Warm White LED Rope Light, 120 Volt?
  2. [CLAIMED] 2x small metal trash can with lid: https://www.homedepot.com/p/6-Gal-Silver-Round-Locking-Lid-Galvanized-Metal-Household-Trash-Can-H2PH007OT707/329228900
  3. [CLAIMED] 1-3 more non-broken gravestones
  4. [DEPRECATED] A sewing project involving making a big spherical cover for a thing. Inquire for details.
  5. [CLAIMED] A bunch of fake holly, e.g. 2-4 of these 2-packs: 2-Pack: Green & White Holly Bush with Silk Leaves & Berries by Floral Home® | Michaels
  6. [CLAIMED] Fake poinsettias: 2 packs red, 2 packs white: Kitcheniva 36pcs Artificial Glitter Christmas Poinsettia Flower | Michaels
  7. [CLAIMED] Fake ferns, 1-2x 3-packs Fall Floral Stems To Brighten Your Space | Michaels
  8. [CLAIMED] Fake yellow dahlias, 5-10 sets Yellow Dahlia Bush by Ashland® | Michaels
  9. [CLAIMED] Wide, bright yellow non-combat armbands.
  10. 1x gray beanbag chair cover: https://www.amazon.com/Enipate-Washable-Micro-Fiber-Beanbag-Outside/dp/B09DKNF7CD/ref=sr_1_5?th=1
  11. 2x white tulle: Amazon.com
  12. 2x gray tulle: Amazon.com
  13. 2x silver tulle: https://www.amazon.com/Fabric-Yards-Wedding-Decoration-Silver/dp/B09VPQTD7C/ref=sr_1_1_sspa
  14. 5-6x bear masks: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CXM3ZC49?ref=cm_sw_r_mwn_dp_NZHH1Z853G22GJ1MXARZ&ref_=cm_sw_r_mwn_dp_NZHH1Z853G22GJ1MXARZ&social_share=cm_sw_r_mwn_dp_NZHH1Z853G22GJ1MXARZ&language=en_US&th=1
  15. 6x these masks, silver-black: https://www.amazon.com/ATAIRSOFT-Tactical-Protective-Airsoft-Silver/dp/B01MYRBLL4/?th=1
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I can get #1. Where do I send it and where do I forward the reciept?

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I can get all of 5

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Send stuff to my Sherman St. address (DM if you need it).
Email receipts to this username at gmail.

It’s possible the white light needs to be longer than 18’. You would know better than me, being the Lecturer.

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I can make 3 more gravestones. Now that I have made them I could bang them out pretty quickly.


Yay! Things that both don’t break and don’t fall over!

I can grab trash cans and lids

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I can grab all of 6

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I can grab all of #7 - just need the info of where to send it.

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@baniszew The “normal” Marsh Bracken is this, do you want that instead or are you switching on purpose? Biorb Aquatic Autumn Fern Set Aquarium Artificial Plants - Orange - 2pc : Target

I’m switching on purpose. That stuff gets tangled in everything.

I’ve got all of number 8 and nine

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New items added to the donation list!

Also, if you want to submit rumors for spring 2, send them to rumors@witchwoodroleplaying.com by the evening of Sunday, May 26.

I can grab 10!

I can grab #14, would you want 6 masks over 5 and where should I send them to?