Spring 2 Favorite Moments

Give me your quotes and memorable moments!

If Kael, Amos or Astrophel can remember some exact wording on the Murder Ducks I would be obliged, I just remember wheezing with laughter and horror

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(The so-there-we-were channel on discord is currently hosting some of these as well.)

So the anglerfish shows up at the outside tavern.

And its menacing us, and starts invading where folks were. So it comes up to me, and I wait until its on top of me, and loudly “Repose of Peace”.

It immediately reposes’s of peace beside me.

It was amazing. The staffer was trying so hard to not giggle at the situation. The amount of confusion by the other players down there was absolutely entertaining for both of us…


pulling a few of mine from the discord but also some others

me: wisteria, are you aware we are going to both be living at yorick’s new house?
wisteria: yeah, i should warn you, I sleepwalk. and I sleep naked
me: … do you sleep lockpick? i can just put a lock on my door
wisteria: Says nothing and simply smiles at me

Later that day
Me: Yorick I might murder Wisteria
Yorick: why
Me: well, they said they sleepwalk and also sleep naked and wouldnt answer if they could sleep lockpick. so if they make it into my room i will smother them with a pillow
Yorick: yeah, that seems fair

another funny moment. Zevvi, Talesin and I are sitting at a table outside the tavern
Zevvi: Hey Enki, do you want to help me fuck with some shitty assassins
Me, grinning and leaning forward to rest my chin on my hands: Tell me more~
Talesin: Oh my God, if you’re going to be Murder-horny Get a room!

Enki and Erris had an amazing and emotional conversation after we failed to kill Agatha and had been discussing next steps with Yorick in a conversation where Yorick flatly brought up the possibility of his worst case scenario plan. Enki had a hell of a realization and has no idea how to sit with any of it.


The trip to the World Tree was top of the list on a list of amazing times. It was at the right time with the right people and just hit all the beats. It was mind-blowing. We stayed in there as long as we could to soak it in. I’m so very grateful I got to tag along.

As a Guardian it felt right to go into a “dangerous” situation and help a scholar, even if it was only to hold the light. All I could think of was The Fifth Element - “Aziz, light!” It was great RP and Kellis feels a lot more connected to the people on that trip.

Kellis is a Velliar Guardian, but all Guardians get an education through the University and intellectual curiosity feels right.


Another moment I remembered is having a discussion with Kellis and Erris about the Rainbow Gate stuff. Enki let slip a little bit of personal information and Kellis, who had gone to talk to the Hania said “oh, youre from [Redacted]? The Hania told me about them”
I love that staff included my very niche backstory details into this and Enki had a serious moment of “oh fuck am I going to have to fight my way out of this conversation” which did not end up happening but it sure was a Moment.


I was wondering why that was there and yes, amazing for staff to do that. My RP could have been better because it was clearly a big thing for Enki and I hope it came across as more accepting than dismissive/callous. The best part about staff doing that is Enki’s big thing had context for the very person they shared it with.

Hoping it is something Kellis and Enki get to explore more.


I came into game with no idea how that information would land with the pc’s and so I’ve been sitting on it for almost a whole year. Enki definetly sees Kellis as more of an ally now and i also hope its something we get to explore more.


Crunchies are getting ready for the Lothlan Bar Crawl (Brawl?) and after going over all the important details, we start talking about the less important ones like “oh what’s gonna be your name at this bar? how do we know each other?” and all that. I just catch Shades’ eye and we both immediately understand that we will be improv-ing it all. T’was a funny moment of half of staff being at completely opposite ends of the Plan vs No Plan, We Die Like Nameless Mooks spectrum.

Getting abducted and trying to be very flippant about the whole thing because yes PCs are scary but secret evil bosses are also scary and doing the calculations of which group is worse to deal with is hard. Special shout-out to my one would-be torturer who was just like “yeah I cry and have empathy - what of it? I’m sure admitting this right now is the best move I can make”

Hearing player’s responses and reactions to the Hi, Would You Like To Get a Shit-Ton of Void Shards to Make This Snappy? Mod.

Vaia’tea asking after what’s Flynn’s plans for the gather are and if Flynn can be expected to hang out again. Was very sweet, very quiet moment of “oh I think they really are my friend” confirmation <3

Finally making it out as Dee for archeology. I’m really psych’ed by what my fellow staffers are cooking up with that plot, and I truly loved this this npc from the moment I read the first letter addressed to her so I’m excited that there’s good reason for her to be on screen again.

Just PC’s entire approach to the game-off mod. Special thanks to the people who poisoned my guard crunchy and then went “oh wait, we don’t want them dead? - HEY DOES ANYONE HAVE A PURIFY?!” The whiplash nearly made me giggle.


In no particular order:

  1. The art salon.
  2. Tessa absolutely not caring about Patron’s status in his family, and having none of his, “I’m banning tomatoes.”
  3. Rock painting and painting furniture for Grandma Shrub.
  4. Helping with the Elemental puzzle, having no idea what was going on, but stepping up to ask the first question.
  6. Getting the last corner of the last boat.
  7. Awaken lesson. Nem: “You should probably look over there.” Bonk. “Subdue.”
  8. Walking to breakfast with Gheist, having him get poisoned, and me immediately going, “purify!”
  9. Not in game related, but I was super thankful for the Gatorade.
  10. Being able to use my wreath to anchor.

I definitely appreciated Tessa’s no f*cks given question asking in the elemental mod.

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This is with Amos and Zevvi as we left spending time with Mycorida

Yorick: That meditation made no sense to me? I mean picking a specific person you would risk your life for? That makes no sense to me.

Amos: You are too pure for this world. There are people you shouldn’t do that for.

Zevvi: If you do that for Agatha…

Yorick: What? No. Its my job to fight and put my life on the line for all who want to live a good life. I will fight those who want to stop that from happening.


Jasper and I (Malori) were just kind os standing there as Scourge and Enki were talking about crimes they could commit to make people stop thinking of Scourge as “respectable.” I eventually leaned over to Jasper and said, “They probably shouldn’t be having this conversation in public like this,” to which Jasper said, “Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening, I was just thinking about how respectable Scourge is.” It took everything within me to prevent myself from laughing


Zevvi sometimes looks at Yorick and is like “I think you’re more emotionally repressed than I am and I have previously solved my emotional distress with magic. That’s not great for you, buddy.”