Spring 2 Witchwood Covid Announcement

Hi All,

As mentioned in the Board’s Covid Policy, staff is to check the Wastewater Values the Monday before game to determine whether the 7 day average for the most recently reported day is below the threshold of 336 copies/mL. Due to memorial day, the board elected to allow us to extend that to today, hence the delayed announcement. As of the most recently reported data, the 7 day average is 377 copies/mL.

As per the policy, the following masking rules are therefore in place:

  • “masks will be mandatory indoors except while actively eating or drinking or in player cabins to sleep.”
  • “When masking is required […], you should be wearing a mask at all times in all public buildings, including staff center, the tavern, mod halls, and the bathrooms. However, regardless of tests taken and wastewater levels, masking is not required while eating, sleeping, or outdoors. Masks are always required in the kitchen. Masks must be KN95 or better. If you don’t have one with you, staff will have enough to share.”

Despite this, everyone is required to rapid test within 24 hours of game-on at 9pm on Friday. Results should be emailed to testing@redfeatherroleplaying.com or shown to staff at check-in. When emailing your test results, please also indicate who you are so that staff can confirm you have tested. We will have some donated rapid tests available on site.

Additionally, if you are sick with something contagious or think you might still be contagious, regardless of whether it is Covid, please stay home. Let us know before game if you cannot make it for this reason. You will receive a full refund if you would like and still receive any between game skill or lesson results you would have received at game. Please reach out to staff after the game regarding your between game skill results and arranging lessons as needed. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to choose to stay home if you are feeling unwell.

Looking forward to seeing you all Friday.