Spring 2023 dates

I’m pleased to announce our Spring 2023 event dates:

April 28-30

June 2-4

Both at Camp Middlesex!

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Oh dang. Total overlap with Geistwald. I might actually miss a game.

Registration is now open for our Spring 2023 events!

Fall dates are not 100% locked down yet. We will announce them as soon as we can.
We expect Fall 2 to be the first weekend of November at Camp Lincoln in New Hampshire, the site of the first season of Witchwood, 10 years ago!
You may reserve your spot in both Fall events if you buy an Annual Pass.

We will once again cap registration at 50 players per event.

Registration for staff is free as always.

Player costs remain the same as in 2022:

  • First event is $20 for new players
  • An annual pass is $280 ($70 per event)
  • A season pass is $150 ($75 per event)
  • A single event pass is $80, or $90 if you register less than two weeks out from the event.
  • We’re still working on details of the financial assistance program. Implementing it while preserving anonymity is proving to be a technical challenge.

If you are new to Witchwood, please send me a copy of your COVID vaccination and booster card!

If you plan to take advantage of the childcare system, please let me know at least two weeks before the event!
Also let me know if you would like to volunteer to provide childcare.

The seasonal spending cap will roll over a week after we finish awarding all the CP people are owed from Fall 2. We’ll get to that soon.

Looking forward to starting the second decade of Witchwood with you,

-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director

All CP awards should now be up to date. If you think we missed something, let me know!