Spring 2024 Rulebook Updates

Hi All,

The RFR Board of Directors has approved changes to the Witchwood Rulebook. I will list some of the changes in this post but the full set of changes is available here. The Rulebook and Primer posted to the website will be updated soon but a temporary link to the main rulebook is available here.

Thank you, and see you all at game!


Page 19 - Powder: A yellow seal means the powder is cast as a spell packet or touch spell; the vial contains a spell packet. The user reads the tag. An opened powder expires after 5 minutes or when you set down the packet. You cannot throw a powder if you are silenced.

Change - You cannot throw a powder if you are silenced. → You may throw a powder even if you are silenced.

Reasoning - Powders are the only form of Alchemy that you cannot use while silenced and that’s a bit odd. It buffs powders somewhat.

Page 17 - Disarm: If a wielded weapon is hit, throw it 5 feet away, or release and don’t use it for 5 seconds.

Change - or release and don’t use it for 5 seconds. → or tuck it behind your back and don’t use it for 5 seconds.

Reasoning - People don’t want to throw their nice boffers on the ground and risk them getting dirty or stepped on

Page 14- Searching: Search by saying ‘‘I search you.’’ If both of you are willing, actually search them. Otherwise, describe your search (‘‘I check your pouch,’’ ‘‘I search your shoes,’’ etc.). Don’t take mundane props or weapons. When searched, give permission or respond with ‘‘describe your search.’’ Hand over items at a reasonable pace. You may keep mundane costuming, mundane weapons, or items of no in-game value, by responding with ‘‘prop.’

Change - Add “Searching also finds objects that are visible in game but not removable, e.g. active disk spells” at the end.

Reasoning - This was an edge case that came up on the Witchwood Discord and clarifying it seems prudent

Page 29 - Armor Expertise (3*): Add 2 to the value for each location of costume armor you wear.

Change - You may partially repair your costume armor up to half of its total value, rounded down, with 5 minutes of tinkering, refitting, or other appropriate roleplay at the forge. A full set of light armor can be repaired to 4 points of armor and a full set of heavy armor can be repaired to 6 points of armor this way.

Reasoning - This gives soldier resettable armor, adding to the header’s identity as being well armored, without taking too much away from Smith. Smith is still required to fully repair or reinforce armor.

(And a quick note for those reading until the end, there are some non-rulebook updates to Soldier, Smith, and Swashbuckler as well. Folks for whom this is relevant will be emailed in the next day or so)