Statement of Candidacy for RFR Board - Melissa Frechette

Statement of Candidacy for RFR Board - Melissa Frechette

Hello everyone!

My name is Melissa, and I’m running for RFR board. You may know me as a crunchy from Entanglement, or as Zevvi from Witchwood.

I’m running for board because I care a great deal for this organization, and have been a member since 2017. This community has given me so many things, the most valuable of which being all the new real life friends I met through it. It seems to me that it is time I take a shift in the “making things go” part of the organization.

The way RFR lives up to its values of inclusivity is important to me, and is one of the major factors that made me stay in this organization after I tried a Witchwood game nearly on a whim back in 2017. I want to help to protect that, and also to try to help improve it where I can, as such work is never done.
If elected to the board, one thing I think I can and wish to contribute is a methodology for making sure things get done. The board does an incredible job and always steps up when it’s most important, but I’ve a few times heard of things that fall through the cracks because they’re not assigned to anyone. This is understandable; the board only has so much time at meetings and finding a person to work on every single task can be a time consuming exercise in schedule comparing that would likely eat into time that is needed for other things. What I propose we do instead is take a leaf out of Project Management strategies and assign someone not to be the one to make each thing happen, necessarily, but to make sure someone is doing it. Since this can be a much less time and schedule consuming role, it will be easier to assign out during board meetings without consuming the entire meeting. My understanding is that this has been part of the President’s job, but that is a lot for a single person to be on the hook for, and that responsibility could be split among the board membership.