Stories have twists. Dreams come true

Dear Everyone,

Assuming this message is actually being posted in real-awake Evren this time, it is my utmost joy to invite you all to witness as I draw for the first time from both Umbra and Evren, through Reverie, and use the potential therein to create something new. Something wonderful. Something that will allow a friend of ours to be more of who they are. After laying the groundwork in dreams, I finally have the materials I need to bring a spark of imagination into blazing truth, to color in the lines the two of us— no all of us, together, have set.

Around lunchtime on Willowsday, probably just before, I would like very much for all who wish to be there.

For in doing this, I become Paragon.

May your Self grant you, on wings of horn fly you,
through brightest night bring you,
as always,
Sweet Dreams

~ Ravenna

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