Story telling and possibly gravestones

I would like to organize a sharing of stories at the graveyard. Barring any complications I would like to hold this gathering at dusk on Willowsday.
Also, if we can gather the needed components (several milkcap and one use of Purify) I would also like to plant the gravestones for the Archeologist group at that time.

I will talk about this more on Willowsday, but please let me know if you are interested in either gathering

May your story end on your own terms,

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I will try to be there.
— Scott

I will try to be there as well.

Also, I’ll be trying to gather the Oakharbor Mystic’s Guild together over or just after lunch on Willowsday. All mystics or those interested in learning the mystic arts are encouraged to gather.

–Roderago Aldenberg ni Wrigthwood di Ternacenti

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