Storytelling in the Graveyard with the OMG

Hi friends and enemies!

I regret to inform you that I will not be attending the Spring 2 gather, since I am heading out to the woods to re-connect to my Mystic roots. I’m sure I’ll be back for Fall!

In the meantime, though, I don’t want our little graveyard falling into disrepair OR the bridge to Umbra crumbling again. So, I’d like to strongly suggest that the Oakharbor Mystics Guild (OMG) gather up any interested parties and head to the graveyard to tell stories about our departed friends.

Where: The Graveyard (the clover-shaped firepit with wooden benches)
When: I’d suggest after muster on Willowsday morning, things are usually pretty quiet then
Who: …Vaiatea? Roderago? Vinchenzo?
What: Take some tea up to the graveyard and tell stories about the dead
Why: It’s good for you. and Umbra.

(Thales usually arranges this but he won’t be here, which is sad for the OMG, but means that the stories can be happy, which is not sad, by definition).

-Odelia “Odie” Benefacio di Sarto