Stuff Transport (urgent CP opportunity)

Hello all,

As you know, we need to get a bunch of stuff we need to run game (for both Port Katherine and Witchwood) from Camp Middlesex to Camp Farley and back. We are allowed to store stuff at Camp Farley, so the ideal case is we get stuff down this weekend, and get it back the weekend of Nov 5th. Alternatively, if a volunteer is very excited about driving a uhual to/from events, that would also work. It is all standard volunteer work, so we would be giving out CP and/or reimbursing you for expenses.

As such, we are looking for volunteers to help with the following URGENT activities:

  1. Rent a uHaul and drive it from Camp Middlesex to Camp Farley, This would be either Saturday the 15th or Sunday the 16th.
  2. 1-2 People to help unload said uhual when it gets to Camp Farley

One note on scheduling here: Since we suspect volunteers for 1 will be most sparse, we’re preferentially working around their schedule. We’ll fill in the other details when/if we have confirmation of a driver.

For the return, we will need:

  1. Someone to rent a uhaul and drive it from Camp Farley to Camp Middlesex
  2. 2 People to help load the uhaul at Camp Farley
  3. 2 people to help unload the uhaul at Camp Middlesex.

Please respond to this post or DM Ducky/Rosen/blehnert on slack/facebook/the forums etc. if you are willing to help. Thank you!

We’ve found a driver for our Uhaul (thanks Eben!). It’ll be arriving at Camp Farley around 3:30 or so Saturday afternoon. The thing we need now is ~ 2 unloaders, and a car that can come to Farley for unload, follow the Uhaul to the return place in Pocasset, and then give Eben a ride home to Cambridge from there. If this could be you, please let us know ASAP.

As for getting our stuff back to Camp Middlesex, please let me know if you would be available on either 10/30 or 11/6 to unload a U-Haul at Middlesex.

Hey there! I’m a new player interested in trying the game out next year. I live local to Middlesex and can probably come by on the 6th if you still need help? -Amber


Hi Amber! We think we have enough people now, but if you want to stop by and say hi, we expect the UHaul to arrive there around 4.

Okay cool! Assuming nothing else comes up ill happily swing by.