Subterfuge in a Bubble?

Hello! I am trying to use my Subterfuge BGS as part of a chain to get information outside of Oakish Harbor. However, to the best of my knowledge, we can’t really leave Oakish Harbor, which goes against how Subterfuge is said to work:

Use this BGS to do subtle and possibly unsavory work: sneaking, skulking, spying, and secrecy. You might eavesdrop on conversations, infiltrate places, cover your tracks, or intercept, redirect, and manipulate other people. You get better results with creative methods and more points of Subterfuge.

I’m not sure how to reconcile “getting in there and doing the dirty work” with “cannot leave the bubble.” Should we just consider Subterfuge to be off-limits if it’s taking place outside of Oakish Harbor? Or is there some other IG way to handle it?

Given the weird nature of the bubble, exactly how we handle subterfuge (and also other things like Agents, Network, etc) will depend on the thing you are trying to do. Possible results include:

  • Having your subterfuge result in gaining information from running into dream / memory beings with relevant information
  • Having your subterfuge gain information from the small number of people entering the bubble
  • Us telling you that your results will mostly occur in the spring, though we will try to give some kind of clue as to what to expect next.

Hope this helps!

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It does and thank you!

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I got a ton out of my Subterfuge last event, just do what you would like to do and it will get translated into something useful.

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