Summer Revels 2016!

Save the date: Summer Revels, our annual out-of-game potluck and social event, will occur on Saturday, August 13! Exact times and location details will be forthcoming. Mark your calendars!

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Details are in!

Revels will be 1-7pm (Saturday, August 13) at 103 Turnpike Road Westminster MA 01473, same location as the last 2 years.

  • This is a potluck! Bring your own food, bring your own drink, and bring a bit to share. There will be a grill if you want to make burgers, sausages, mushroom caps, etc…
  • There is a pool, so bring a swimsuit and towel!
  • There will probably be friendly competitions for in-game prizes!

How to get there: take exit 27, not 28, regardless of what your GPS tells you. Exiting at 28 leads to a blocked road littered with glass. Taking exit 27 leads to a sign saying that the street is closed except for local traffic; ignore the sign and carry on.

Park in the lower driveway when you arrive.

See you in a month!


Speaking of friendly competitions for in-game prizes, they will include the following:

Cooking contest:
Think your pot-luck food is the best? We’ll vote and see.
There will be prizes for 3 categories:

  • Best non-veggie non-dessert
  • Best vegetarian non-desert
  • Best dessert

Trivia Contest
What it says on the tin. Team based, teams of up to 6.

Wacky Physical Challenges TBD

Remember, only 3 days until Revels!

I’m hoping someone makes devilled phoenix eggs. :slight_smile: