Summer Revels scheduling

Hi all! I’m scheduling Summer Revels and want some feedback on which days are best.

Revels is our out-of-game potluck/relaxed summer party, where we win in-game prizes and learn each other’s real-world names. You’re encouraged to bring your kids, significant others, or friends who might want to play Witchwood!

If you know of any dates that may pose conflicts for groups of people in the community (such as larp festivals, someone’s wedding, holidays, etc.), please either respond here, find me (Joy Perkinson) on facebook messenger, or send me an email (

I was thinking generally second half of July or first half of August… let me know, and I hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic Spring season!

~ Joy/Kael

Quinn and I are going to GenCon from aug 15-20 or around there, but that looks like it’ll be past the dates you’re looking at anyway.

Also, we may have an extra seat in the car/bed at the hotel if anyone is perhaps interested in going.

Clockwork Skies is running July 14th-16th and Future-Imperfect is running August 4th-6th. If the scheduling goes that late, Threshold is running August 26th . Figured I should point them out because we have cast swaps with all of these games.

Fairly sure I’m free July 22 weekend and first weekend in August

I’ll be headed out west to see the eclipse starting sometime between August 7 through the 16. Early-ish is better.

Late July and early August work for me. I will be going to GENCon Aug 17-20 so that weekend won’t work for me.

7/15, 7/16, 8/5 and 8/12 are not good for me, but my schedule is ridiculous sometimes.