"Teahouse" Opening at Spring 2!

Hey everyone! Posting this on behalf of Adrian.

As you know, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to deal with having the fun teahouse atmosphere despite The Plague, which is tricky, because the virus doesn’t care that you’re drinking a beverage when you’re inside and unmasked. Spring 1 was our first chance, but then Adrian herself was sick with something else. Alas.

But! We have a solution!

If we can’t beat the virus and have an indoor teahouse, we can beat it and have an outdoor one. So… introducing… the floating version of Two Teacups!

We’ll be setting down “beneath” the tavern against the river, in a canvas tent open to the air. Should provide some protection against the rain if it happens but still be outside. We’ll bring some tables and chairs in and have a bar and all the things you’ve loved about the Two Teacups teahouse. Florica will be running things Saturday night, but we’ll probably be more-or-less open for hangouts and casual drinks the rest of the weekend.

Feel free to come on by and hang out! It’s time we went on the offense against the virus’s determined attempts to take away our fun!