Tending on the Go

The rulebook states the following about the tend skill:

Tend (2*): With 1 minute of roleplaying and at least 1 working arm, you can call ‘‘Tend’’ to a single body location, e.g.
a torso or a limb

Can this be done while carrying someone? The rules for carrying are listed as follows:

Carrying: To carry someone, say ‘‘I carry you.’’ If they give permission, you may carry them (take great care to be
safe). Otherwise, put your hands on their shoulders and walk with them. Do not run while carrying someone.

Can you carry someone with one arm and tend them with the other? Can you carry someone while you only have functional arm?

You can’t for the “hands on shoulders” version of carrying, since you’d not have a free hand with which to Tend.

A strict reading implies you could if you were actually (safely) carrying them, and were strong/skilled enough to do it with one arm. However, please don’t use that as an excuse for what is probably exceptionally unsafe behavior.

(Also, people sometimes improv one-handed “I drag you” type stuff on the battlefield, but you can safely assume the same person can’t reasonably Tend while doing that.)