The 821 Festival of Reverie

It’s the month of Reverie again, at least as far as you can tell!
That means it’s time for another arts festival.

Maestro Isobel Trevi di Romanza will be officially kicking off the competitions on Elmsday night at the grove of trees on the hillside.

Two categories have been declared: Festival decorations, and Performance.

A variety of art supplies will be made available in the tree house in the grove. Contestants are encouraged to add decorations to the grove before the judging occurs on Aldersday morning, around the 11th hour.

Aldersday morning is also when Maestro Isobel will be available to watch performances. Do you have a talent you would like the rest of Oak Harbor to see? Come perform on Aldersday!

(OOG note: On a related topic, we’ve added more art supplies to the donations list.)