The State of the Trees, Fall 1 2023

OOG information about the current state of the trees attacking people:

The work done last gather to try to reduce the attacks was temporarily successful, and they have been quieter over the summer, although the attacks have been picking up again slowly since about the start of Reverie. Lumber production is still not fully back to where it was initially, as many of the lumberjacks that left have not returned to work, but the process of tending people awake when the trees do attack has been streamlined. Payment for spending time (BGS) tending people in the lumber yards is still available.

With the significant increase in the population of the town, most of the lumberjacks that have left the yards have found other employment in town, and are no longer scavenging components in the woods. There does continue to be a higher rate of petty thefts than previously, which the new arrivals are mostly blaming on lumberjacks and the more established townsfolk are mostly blaming on the new arrivals.

Mechanical Effects:

  1. Scavenge skill is no longer reduced by this effect.

  2. If you have the “Tend” skill, you may expend uses of any of the following BGS to do shifts in the lumberyards waking people up. Each expended BGS earns you 3 leaf which will be in your packet at game on.
    Relevant BGS are: Tracking/Gardening/Any contacts skill/Subterfuge.
    You may also spend 3 points of Sage or 3 points of Smith’s Endurance for 3 leaf.
    Runepool, Dream, Speak with Dead, and [Redacted Alchemy stuff] cannot be spent this way.
    [This will apply for Fall 2 BGS, but if things go well at Fall 2 will not continue to Spring 1.]

  1. Staffers will still occasionally make by my voice calls with an effect along the lines of “all within [5/10/15] feet of a tree, Cleave[or maim or trip or disarm].” This call can be resisted with Parry or Avoid Trap. A cleave call counts as a hit to your torso; you may take a maim on the limb of your choice. The effect is not coming from any character the staffer may happen to be playing at the time, it’s just the staffer implementing a mechanic.

OOG note: regardless of whether you have the “Tend” skill, I will pay you more than 3 leaf for 3 points of Sage. :wink: