The Tale of the The Maiden and The Fae

Got bored one day and wrote this because it is a funny way to say “Raf was shitposting and we rolled with it”. Feel try take/add/embellish/bring into game, I’m just putting it here because Rosen would not spew this load of crap.

Come friends and sit a spell by my fire. Let me tell you a tale of romance, violence, self-sacrifice, and new hope. This is a story from when the world was still young, and the realms were still in chaos. A once-powerful Kith of the Tattershawl now only numbered two: a wealth and accomplished Druid, and a fair Maiden. The joy that this Maiden took in living was so heartening and her appearance so comely that many came to woo her: an unstoppable Lothlan Warrior, a mysterious Hurzicht mercenary, and a wise old Alchemist clad in the finest magical armor. All these and more came to seek her hand in marriage, or at least simply spend some time in her company. And yet, no hand was pledged, no betrothal sworn for year upon year. The folk of the town began to wonder if it would ever happen and if the Kith would ever grow again, but they would be surprised. See, this Maiden had a long-time friend, a Fae cast from its realm. And while this Fae had no great deeds immortalized in song or wealth beyond imaging to woo the Maiden with, he simply was her friend and companion, wanting nothing in return. One day, the Fae mustered up the courage to ask and in that moment, time seemed to stand still across all of Evren. The Maiden was most pleased he had asked, having harbored similar feelings through the years, and the couple went to the Matriarch of the kith, the Druid, to ask for permission to wed. This Druid was one of the heart: deeply kind and always willing to give of themselves, and despite what it might mean for the Kith if the Maiden left, said yes. However, to celebrate this union, the Fae suggested the three of them start a new Kith, free of the weight of history and expectations. For such a new Kith, a name had to be chosen, and it was the source of much deliberation. After no small number of fights, the Kith was named “Gibbous” in honor the Fae’s tie to the ever-changing moon, and “Potat” because Nem constantly potatoes themselves during fights. And so, the battle cry of “Gibbous Potat” was born.

It may seem like a fantastical story, but I can assure you that every word is true, for I was a witness to all the occurred.



… I’m just going to leave this here.