The Treaty of Salendale, N.V.R. 822

The Treaty of Salendale, N.V.R. 822 (a summary, the actual thing has a lot more legalese):

Oversight of and political decision making for Salendale going forward will be handled by a Council of Nine, made up of three Dalers, three Fandalee, and three Velliar (at least one of whom must be a Guardian). Councilors will serve six year terms, the initial councilors will be staggered with 1 from each culture serving a 2 year term and 1 from each culture serving a 4 year term, so that 3 councilors will be replaced every two years. Each culture is entitled to use its own method of selecting who its councilors will be. The Council shall elect a Chairperson every two years. The initial chairperson will be the Daler representative serving a 2 year term.

It is anticipated that the Council will hire administrators to assist with the day to day running of the city, and that such administrators will largely be Davenstern.

In recognition of their assistance with the removal of the recent Necromancer occupation, the city of Juldan will receive the Silver trade route that previously went to Luvik. The city of Oak Harbor will receive the Spices trade route that previously went to Rensul. All other trade routes will remain the same.

The Sarto have agreed to provide a year’s worth of reparations for the unfortunate collusion between one of theirs, Bossus Sarto, and the Necromancers. Given both Bossus Sarto and Geoff di Romanza’s cooperation with the Necromancers, the Sarto and the Romanza have both agreed to ensure there are no other Necromancers hiding in their ranks. [Note: The Ternacenti were not involved in repulsing the occupation and are not a party to the Treaty.]

Velliar research recovered from the occupied portions of the University will be returned to the Velliar. Research conducted by the Necromancers and seized in the fighting will be destroyed. The Velliar agree to keep the Council of Nine apprised of any Voidic research being conducted within the city of Salendale.

[Note: This is an out-of-game summary of the treaty. Feel free to ask out-of-game questions here, but if you want to ask stuff in-character, please make a new post in the IG General Chat category.]

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What’s the mechanical effect of our Spices trade route?

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It will provide the town with a town-wide bonus in the herbalism/component space. The town council will be presented with some options to choose among at the first spring gathering.

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