This Weekend

To the Witchwood community –

This weekend was supposed to be our Spring 2 event. I’d hoped we could spend it online together, reconnecting during quarantine, and helping people finalize their Shards of Intention before the deadline Monday.

We can still do those things. It is important for communities to support each other. But right now, the most important thing is for us to take a moment to support people of color in our country, particularly to affirm BLACK LIVES MATTER.

I still plan to be on the WW discord this weekend, particularly at 8 pm Saturday. I plan to make a few extra OOG channels, since I expect people may want to interact OOG more than normal and could use some virtual space to spread out. If other times to gather would be better, please post a suggestion.

Although you are still encouraged to send your Shard of Intention plans to witchwoodplotwriters@googlegroups.com this weekend, this is no longer a hard deadline.

One of the appealing things about LARP is that we can tell stories where justice happens quickly. In reality, the fight is much longer, but also more important. Do what you can. Protest, share information, donate to good causes, and take care of yourselves and each other.

Here are some funds I’ve donated to. Feel free to share more.

If you ever need a ride away from a protest or bail money, I’m here for you.

-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director


For anyone looking to contact their representatives (by email or phone), one of our fabulous players (@JsterJ) put together this list of contact information for officials for the districts many of us live in. If your district isn’t listed, we can look into adding it.