Tips For New Players

I’m bringing a group for the first time this weekend. I want to know if there were any tips from the community for new players/how we get a cabin/etc.

Also…our group is currently 11 people, with the potential for a few call outs. Will there be an issue fitting us into one cabin?

Our main player cabins can hold 12 people each. So you should be able to make that work.

We generally keep “Cabin 1” as an open cabin / new people cabin.

Also - the Board is working on a “tips for new player” document that we plan to hand to you at check-in.


Cabin 1 is marked on this map of the site:

Just do whatever Omoira thinks is a great idea and you’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!


Having now met Omoira, I’m pretty sure her decision making process is safer than Shane’s anyway…


Well, that’s not a high bar.

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Who hurt you?

I’m guessing Shane? But I’m just basing that on, like, context and interactions and history, though. ~_^

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Yeah…that’s real…

Nah; Shane’s great. Just gotta keep on eye on him. For his own good, you know?

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