Town Council Announcements!

Citizens of Oak Harbor,

As many of you are aware, the Town Council meets at 1 pm on Willowsday.

This gather we will be holding an open session for approximately half an hour at the start of the meeting, to which you are all invited. During that time, Lecturer Strigford will be setting forth his plan for addressing the unfortunate enchantment on the trees of Oak Harbor.

We will also be happy to take comments from the Community on the other issues the council will be voting on this gather. The Agenda is:

  1. Discuss town positions*, including:

A. Appoint a new Militia Captain (Mogudad McDoogh has applied for the position)
B. Reappoint the Constable (Amos Saggory)
C. Reappoint the Town Crier (Moravia Lee)

  1. Allot housing to the new arrivals

  2. Discuss possible uses of our new Spice Trade Route. We may either choose to implement one of the currently identified opportunities, or to look for further options before making a choice. Currently identified opportunities are:

    A. Increase the potency of the healing granted by Holly extractions. [Clarify: An herbalist performing a holly extraction would call Heal All instead of Heal 2.];

    B. Increase the frequency of mana-laden components in the area [Clarify: Increase the number of items found by Scavenge. Further Clarify: at present this would about balance out the reduction to Scavenge caused by the lumberjacks seeking other sources of funds.]

    C. Provide a minor ability to preserve components for longer. [Clarify: Each person ending the event with at least one pair of the same component that normally rots may choose to retain one component from one pair to stay fresh until their next event.]

Replies to this message will be read, but we may not have time to respond to them before the meeting. You may also of course talk to any Town Councilor you see prior to the meeting about these issues, or anything else you are concerned about. The Town Councilors are Maestra Florica Petulengro di Romanza, Ridley, Rosen Islington, Lecturer Strigford Master with Merit of the Imperfect Arts, Suvall, and Ting’M. We remind anyone particularly interested in these matters that an Investment of 50 Leaf in the Town secures you a place on the Town Council for a season.

  • The recent appointment of the town banner bearer, GuildMaster Kael Torren, is not up for renewal until next year.