Town Council meeting: 3rd hour Willowsday

On or about the third hour of the day on Willowsday, there will be a Town Council meeting. Meet at the table outside the Teahouse.

We will go over paperwork, and how to fill it out, in addition to whatever business the Town Council brings for itself. The Constable, Deputies, and Militia Captain, if present, should attend.

Furthermore, the Constable, Deputies, and Militia Captain can report to Lecturer Strigford, at the University, during Elmsday night, to be paid for this gathering.

Senior Partner, White Forest Trading Company

Last I heard, the Town Council hasn’t met yet to appoint Constable, Deputies, and Militia Captain, and as such, it might be hard for them to collect their pay.

I believe you are misinformed. While I was not at the meeting, I believe there was both a meeting and a set of appointments that will probably be announced in the coming days.