Town (off-screen) Demographics and You

Since some people have been asking, I’ve pulled this post together about what the town looks like off-screen, and some history as to why.

This is a player post, but I will try and update it as best I can based on staff’s feedback

=== History =====================

So… as mentioned by Brian here, the town of Oak Harbor is about 1000 people, of which the players and plot NPCs consist of a small fraction.

The town is split into a number of districts that are fixed in size. Why are they fixed in size, you ask? Because we live in a giant, everchanging forest, and the only reason there is a town here in the first place is because some Felicitoro did a ritual to fix parts of the forest in place relative to the river and each other. Those are our districts, and if you build a house outside them, your house might be halfway to Luvik next month. Or in the Twilight Forest, if you are especially unlucky.

Town history: For most of the town’s history (ie. the earlier years of witchwood), the town consisted of some 300 lumberjacks and 100 or so Felicitoro, hangers on, contractors, and wayward adventures (that’s us, the PCs). Some political upheaval later, and the Felicitoro are out, and the White Forest Trading Company, a cross-culture merchant conglomerate is now running the town. They still are, it is where our Town Council structure, militia pay, other odd jobs, general political plot comes from. Please keep any arguing about the WFTC out of this thread.

I’ve lost track of exactly when, but at some point some players destabilize the entire Realm order and cause random gates to open places. This causes a great deal of chaos in Evren and as a result, in 821, we have a bunch of refugees come to Oak Harbor. The powers that be decide they wish to encourage the refugees to stay in Oak Harbor and grow the town to a size 1 city. In 823, the town council approves the settlement plans and we have more or less the Oak Harbor we have today.

=== Current Town Geography ====================
Groups of people come in Small (~20), Medium (~50), or Large (~100)

Town Center

  • Small Dalers
  • Small Kalmak
  • Medium Dalers
  • Medium Hurzicht
  • Large Felicitoro (minor houses)
  • Large Kalmak

The Docks

  • Small Wanderers
  • Medium Felicitoro (Ternacenti)
  • Medium Felicitoro (Romanza)
  • Medium Daler
  • Large Fandalee


  • Small Tattershawl
  • Large Dalers
  • Medium Dalers and the Daler Grove
  • Large Kalmak


  • Small Dalers
  • Small Felicitoro (Ternacenti)
  • Small Wanderers
  • Large Tattershawl

The Mines

  • Small Fandalee
  • Medium Daler
  • Medium Tattershawl
  • Medium Agni Lana
  • Large Fandalee

This is on top of the original 400 inhabitants, and we have one or two unsettled groups hanging around, but we’re out of space to put more people.